Planning to be more active on Blogging?

Stay tune guys!

Actually I have wrote such a long post by using my phone but then it was suddenly appeared. I am currently crying right now guys. Truthfully, I have a lot to be shared with you guys. Since I am fasting, so I decided to just let it be and just forget about my late 'sudden-missing-post'.

Naah I am going to write back when the mood is coming back. Just waaiittt. For now, I have some works to be done. Please pray for my upcoming Pre-Trial SPM. Im so damn scared.

My upcoming post will be about Reasons I Stop Blogging and including some sort of list on what I have been planning to do after SPM. So yeah. Thank you for reading this superb brief post. I miss you guys. And owh yeah, my current blog's design was designed when I was in Primary school,  which is in 2012 and this design is totally urban and not so matured. Im planning to make my lovely dearest blog for having a super freshy look. So just stay tune. Thank you guys for kindly spending your time to read this. Love yaa.

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